Saturday, May 31, 2008

For the Georgian's - Go Dawgs!!

For Christmas Bradley received a little Bulldog in a UGA jersey that sings the UGA fight song (from Grandma Kim and Grandpa Dave of course). Bradley and Brian pulled it out this morning. After hearing the song a few times, Bradley started to say Go Dawgs! It was such a fun thing to hear him say that we pulled out the video camera. Here is a video Brian put together of Bradley's chants. We tried a different program that arranges the clips into a montage so it is a little crazy, but it's fun to see Bradley's personality. I know we're a little biased, but I hope you enjoy this as much as we do.

A little catch up.

Bradley getting pretty good at walking

We haven't been good at blogging lately so here is a post to catch us up!

Bradley loves to walk up and down the sidewalk. I liked this picture of him.

Indian Trail

We went on a hike of Indian Trail on May 5th. We didn't go all the way up because I (Brian) was dead but we made it pretty far.

Appleseed Project

I got to go to an Appleseed shoot in Cedar City a couple of weekends ago. It was so much fun! I went with my Dad and a friend from my ward. It is put on by the Revolutionary War Veteran's Association. This is taken from their website,

"What the RWVA (Revolutionary War Veterans Association) is all about:
The Appleseed Program is designed to take you from being a simple rifle owner to being a true rifleman. All throughout American history, the rifleman has been defined as a marksman capable of hitting a man-sized target from 500 yards away — no ifs, ands or buts about it. This 500-yard range is traditionally known as "the rifleman's quarter-mile;" a rifleman can hit just about any target he can see. This skill was particulary evident in the birth of our country, and was the difference in winning the Revolutionary War."

It was fun because Fred, the guy who started the Appleseed project showed up to our shoot and spent a lot of time giving us a history lesson about the revolutionary war. He has me interested in the history now so I am reading a few books on that period of history.

This was the firing line and our home for two days.

Here is my Dad taking a break.

On the right is "Fred" and on the left is Seth from my ward.

Bradley's Chair

Bradley loves to find books, steps, CD's, whatever he can find to sit on as long as it is the right height. We decided it would be fun to find a chair his size. We had some wooden chair in mind but at the store he came across this blue soft chair and we couldn't get him to sit on anything else in the store. So... Bradley now has his own chair, isn't he spoiled?

Lewis Peak Hike

Today we decided to try a new hike. It starts at the top of the North Ogden Divide. We only went about 2 miles but it took us an hour because it is very steep. We climbed about 1500 feet in that hour.

Friday, May 16, 2008


I guess my friend Shilo decided I needed something to blog about, so I've been tagged. Here are the rules: The rules of the game are posted at the beginning. Each player answers the questions about themselves. At the end of the post the player then tags 5 other people and posts their names.

And now the questions. . . .

1. What were you doing 10 years ago?

Graduating from high school, preparing to have my wisdom teeth taken out, and saying goodbye to friends and family. Less than a month after graduation I moved out to live with my aunt and uncle and work as a nanny for them.

2. List 5 things on your to do list.

* Make a menu and go grocery shopping.
* Buy a new tire for my running stroller.
* Clean my house. (this one is always on my to do list)
* Organize all of my miscellaneous recipes. (I have the recipes, I have the book, I just need to put them together).
* Yard work.

3. What snacks do you enjoy?

I have a terrible sweet tooth. I am not picky, but some of my favorites are cookies, brownies, and ice cream. Recently my vice has been my homemade concoction of almonds, craisins, and semi-sweet chocolate chips.

4. What would you do if you were suddenly a billionaire?

First of all I would pay my tithing. Then I would probably buy a house that is not on one of the busiest streets in Ogden, and a more reliable car for Brian. Then I would invest in gold and silver and some securities (I still a little nervous about the state of the economy and don't have a ton of trust in the stock market). I don't know what else. Probably take some to travel and give some away (anonymously of course, I don't want all of my phone calls and mail to be people begging for me to donate to this or that.)

5. List 3 bad habits.

* Procrastination first and foremost. I am terrible about putting things off.
* Independence, if that can be a bad habit. I hate asking people for help. And I'm so independent, it leans a little too close to anti-social.
* Watching too much TV.

6. List 5 places you've lived.

* Baton Rouge, Louisiana
* Athens, Georgia
* Kailua, Hawaii
* Gallup, New Mexico
* Ogden, Utah

7. List 5 jobs you've had.

* Lifeguard
* Nanny
* Cashier / Waitress
* Pharmacy Technician
* Accountant

8. List 5 things people don't know about you.

* I only eat one hot dog a year.
* I'm totally addicted to Sudoku and I love to do puzzles, but I hate crossword puzzles.
* My natural writing is incredibly small and anytime someone watches me write they comment on it.
* I shop at Target instead of Wal-Mart if given the choice.
* I love musicals and have a strangely large musical songbook catalog in my head for someone who does not have a dramatic bone in my body.

Now I tag Rachel, Elan, Elyse, Sarah, and Becky. If you don't want to, I won't be offended, though.