Friday, August 20, 2010

Adams Canyon

Lesa and I decided to go out to dinner and go on a hike.  I have been wanting to try out Adams Canyon.  We decided to go for it and it was a lot of fun.  It took us an hour to get to the waterfall.  The trail was pretty steep at times.  We gained about 1,200 feet on the way up it was a pretty popular trail and we passed a lot of people.

This picture was also taken at the waterfall but looking back down the trial.

Here we are back on our way down the trail.

Here is a map of the trail:

To get to the trail head you have to get on the frontage road that runs parallel and just east of Hwy 89 in Layton, Utah.  You park on the frontage road just East of the Layton Surf and Swim water tower.  We got on the frontage road from Hwy 89 just North of the water tower. 

We noticed two different possible campsites.  Both where right next to the trial which isn't really ideal but they were the only two options we saw.  Both sites are quite small but could fit about 3 small tents.  I show both sites on a map below.  I will also post a couple of pictures of each site.  The first I will show is at about 700 feet up from the trail head and the next is just after the bridge that you cross over the water at about 800 feet up.

Lower Site was the bigger of the two:

The Higher Site is just after you cross this bridge: