Saturday, January 31, 2009

25 Things

I'm copying Sarah and Emily. Mostly it's something to blog about since I've been so bad at blogging lately. It's pretty random and kind of long, but if you make it through, I hope you enjoy.

1. I am a closet artist. I did a lot of drawing in high school and a little in college. I was actually pretty good, but I don't do it very often anymore.

2. I worked as a sound and lighting technician at a local amphitheater for three summers after graduating from college. This was thanks to my husband. I was mostly a "do-person", but it was a nice break after a full day at work.

3. I often surprise my husband with my knowledge of show tunes, especially since he's worked sound and lighting at theaters on and off for 12 years.

4. I've been blessed with some natural athletic ability. My kids will probably learn how to play sports from mom rather than dad.

5. I write incredibly small, especially for a girl.

6. I have a terrible sweet tooth. It doesn't really even matter what the treat is, I love sweets.

7. With the exception of pregnancy I have weighed the exact same since I was a senior in high school. I can still wear my high school jeans, except the cut isn't in fashion and isn't very comfortable any more.

8. I have five brothers. I got along with most of them, but I married someone who is most like the brother I didn't get along with. Amazingly my husband and I have a great relationship.

9. I love quick-witted TV shows. My current favorites are Chuck and The Office, some of my all time favorites are Pushing Daisies and Ed.

10. I have a pretty eclectic taste in music.

11. I only eat one hot dog a year if I can help it. However, when I lived in Louisiana I would eat a hot dog over crawfish.

12. I like to listen to talk radio.

13. I'm a relatively creative person, but I am not a scrap booker. I don't like anything about scrap booking.

14. I love puzzles. I could do Sudoku for hours, but I can't stand crosswords.

15. If I have a choice, I'll shop at Target over Walmart.

16. I have a bachelor's degree in accounting, but I hate budgeting and doing taxes. I loved working in corporate accounting, I think I just loved the job of organizing numbers and making sense out of them.

17. I'm almost 27 weeks pregnant with my second child, but a lot of people I see regularly still don't know. I am showing, but I guess not much.

18. I live in a house that was built in 1924. We've done a lot of work to it, but it is still full of unfinished projects.

19. I love to watch This Old House on PBS.

20. I'm becoming quite the reader since I've become a stay-at-home mom. In the month of January I finished reading a memoir that I started in December, and read six novels.

21. I never spent more than three years at a school until college.

22. I've lived in Utah for 21 years of my life, but I've only been skiing once. And, that skiing trip was while I was technically a Georgia resident.

23. I love the outdoors, but I don't like the recreation vehicles so much. I would rather mountain bike than ride an ATV, wind surf than jet ski, and paddle a canoe than boat.

24. I'm an okay cook. I would probably do it more and try more exotic foods if it weren't for washing the dishes.

25. I am terrified of ever having a girl. I grew up with boys, most of my friends were boys, I'm just more comfortable with boys.