Friday, October 28, 2011

February Recap

Daniel was convinced the helmets should be worn backwards.

Daniel... not sure what this picture was about but I thought his expression was funny.  Not sure if he was frustrated or just really tired?

This is how we found the boys at about 10:30 PM one night.  They got out of bed, crawled under Daniel's bed to pull out the train tracks tupperware and built this track.  They were quite proud of it as you can see.

Daniel was good at falling asleep in the funniest places and Lesa got a picture of a couple of them.  Here he was most likely watching cars drive by on Harrison.

Here he is in the hallway.

I can't think of much that happened in February other than freezing.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Poor Blogging Performance

So we have been REALLY bad at blogging this year.  As my boy scouts would say, "An Epic Fail".

Last year for Christmas I gave Lesa a book of our blog as a kind of family scrapbook.  I got it made at  I was thinking that I would like to do that again this year but it would be a pretty short book as our blog stands right now.  So... here is a summary of our year:


Nap time comes fast when you play hard!

 New game of pop goes the weasel or good hide and seek spots?

We didn't have a video camera available but I thought it was pretty funny how they would hold hands and then throw themselves down together.

My Contour hit 111,111 miles and I happened to notice it while pulling out of a gas station on my way to work!

For the boy scout's January camping trip we went to North Fork Park in Liberty, UT.  We brought some sleds to pull our camping gear in.  We lucked out and found a Bowery where we were able to setup camp.  
 It was nice to have the tables to use but quite cold that night.  It snowed a little that night but not too much once the temperature really dropped.

That was most of the pictures and since January was long enough ago that I can't remember what happened, here is what Lesa wrote in the Bradley family newsletter:

We don't really have a lot to say this month. The Christmas holidays were nice, and very
fun to have Mom, Dad, and Kyle around. Bradley and Daniel still ask if they will see
them at Grandma Hyer's house. But when it comes to January, there really isn't much to
say. We have had long, cold weeks, but not a lot of snow. Other than getting back into
our regular routine, we didn't really do anything.

Both of the boys continue to grow. Daniel is speaking more and more clearly every day.
Bradley is getting more and more imaginative. And Brian and I are always entertained
by one or both of them.

 Well I guess that sums up January.  I'll start working on February now but we can finish with one last picture of Daniel showing us proper move watching positioning.