Sunday, March 9, 2008

Bradley can walk!

Lately we have been trying to coax Bradley into taking a few steps on his own. We have tried all types of bribes and Lesa has gotten a few steps out of him for Pepperidge Farms Gold Fish.

Today I was laying on our couch working on the computer and printing some pages on our printer across the room. Bradley started crawling over there when he would hear a page print, grabbing it off the printer and crawling with both knees and only one hand because he was holding the paper up in the air.

It was great! I was quite happy about this new thing he had learned. I didn't have to get off the couch, he would retrieve my pages every time. Well after a few trips he started getting tired of crawling with only one hand so he decided to just walk it over to me!

We tried filming it with the camera but on those trips he would stumble and just crawl but we were able to get one picture of him half way across the front room floor.


Jason and Elan said...

Hi. Welcome to the blogosphere! I had fun reading your posts so far and can totally relate to blogger brain. I find myself narrating everyday activities to see if it might work on the blog. How funny! I can't believe little Bradley is walking, he is getting so big!