Friday, August 15, 2008

Frank Lloyd Wright

Did you know Frank Lloyd Wright designed a house in Bountiful, UT? Maybe I should back up, do you know who Frank Lloyd Wright is? He was a pretty famous (and revolutionary for the time) architect who lived from 1867 to 1959. A couple of his most famous buildings are the Guggenheim Museum in New York, and Falling Water, a home in Pennsylvania. If you want to know more you can look it up. But anyway, back to my original question, Did you know he designed a house in Bountiful? I didn't, but was really excited when I learned that he did and saw that it was going to be opened for tours.

The house was built in about 1953 and lived in for a few years until the original owner had to move out of state. It then fell into disrepair until about ten years ago when a pair of guys found it, realized what they had, and worked to restore it. The house is about 1,600 square feet (pretty small) and sits on 10 acres in the mountains in Bountiful. It's for sale for anybody interested, only $4.1 million (Yikes!).

Here are some pictures of the outside of the house. They're not the greatest, but since Frank Lloyd Wright liked to blend his homes into the landscape, it's hard to get any really good shots.