Friday, November 21, 2008

No, No, Bad

They say toddlers repeat what they hear as they are starting to talk. Evidently with Bradley he has picked up, "No, No, Bad." I didn't realize that I use this phrase that often, but he has been saying it to the cars and stuffed animals he has been playing with lately. I have yet to figure out the context of the reprimand the toys are receiving, I don't see that they are doing anything wrong. But it is kind of funny to hear Bradley playing and then suddenly say, "No, No, Bad." I just wish he would have picked up on a more positive statement.


Unknown said...

Too funny! Alayna send toys to timeout. Silly girl.

Anonymous said...

haha. I love you guys' kids. They are so funny. And Lesa, just a heads up, I've joined the blogging world. Hope you don't mind that I added you to my page already. Kev is over here now and I've posted our recent adventures here in crazy Louisiana. Hope you guys are doing well!