Saturday, January 23, 2010

Flashback Friday ... Saturday Edition

I started running with a couple of ladies from my book club in November. As we run, we talk, and we're getting to know each other better. This morning it was just one of my running partners and myself and we started talking about what sports we played in High School. Since we're running, I asked her if she ran Cross Country. She said, "No, I played soccer and swam for one season." Then she asked me if I did any sports. The answer, "I played soccer and swam for one season."

So my flashback for this week. . . . (drum roll, please) Swimming!! Not just any swimming, but High School swim team practice in January. That's right, our swim season was in the dead of winter. The team was made up of all of five people, and we practiced with another school's team at the Huey P. Long out door swimming pool (yes, you read that correctly, we swam OUTSIDE in JANUARY) on the LSU campus.

Those were some fun days. My friend and I would usually get a ride from school to the Institute (where my dad worked) to change and pass some time until practice. Then he would drop us off at the pool (riding in his plum colored Ford Taurus with the fuzzy doors, at least my friend though the doors were fuzzy), we'd swim and swim and swim, spending as much time in the pool as possible because though it was outside, the pool was heated. When we finally got out of the pool, our hair would freeze. My friend's mom would usually pick us up after practice and was always prepared. She would have a bottle of Snapple and some kind of home made rice krispy treat or granola bar waiting for us.

I only remember competing in one or two meets, and I have no idea how well I did, but it was a great way to stay active and develop a fun friendship. She talked me into swimming, and I convinced her to play soccer.


Kim B said...

I remember that now and as I searched my memory I also remember a swim meet or two. It was a fun time. I couldn't believe that they had you swim outside!

Dad also said that he remember that now.