Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Cecret Lake

Monday night for Family Home Evening we decided to head up Cottonwood Canyon to do the Cecret Lake hike.  I had heard from some guys who work at the Alta Ski Resort that the wild flowers are everywhere.  We left home and drove about an hour and a half to get there.  We started the hike around 8:00 PM.
You can see the flowers all around us, it was very pretty.  

The trail is very easy.  You start buy walking through a campground area and most of the trail is a road.  There are signs around keeping you on the right path.  You have to cross a few streams on the way up.

We saw a couple of moose.  You can barely see one in this picture.  I will upload another picture next that you can see them better in.

The trail is slightly up hill the whole way and there are three steeper switch backs right at the top but it was really an easy hike.  The elevation gain was just under 500 feet and about 3/4ths of a mile one way.

Here is Bradley trying to go off on his own hike.

 We stopped on the way up to get a family picture.  You can see it is starting to get dark now.

Yeah we made it!  We could only stay a few minutes because before we knew it the sun was completely gone.  We had to use flash lights to get back.

 What a fun and easy hike.  The wild flowers were very beautiful and I would recommend this hike to anyone.  It is family friendly and well worth the drive.

Basic Directions
From Downtown Salt Lake City, head south on I-15 about 8 miles to the I-215 Belt Route. Take I-215 East about 5 miles to 6200 South (Exit 6). Bear to the right off the exit ramp onto 6200 South and head east. (It'll turn south after a bit and merge with Wasatch Boulevard, but just stay on the main road.) After about 2 miles is a light at Big Cottonwood Canyon Road. (On the southwest corner of the intersection is a 7-Eleven gas station and mini-mart.) Continue straight through this intersection heading south for another 2-3 miles. The road will bear to the left and take you up into Little Cottonwood Canyon. The trail head is 11 miles past the canyon entrance on the left side of the road. (Note: Along the trip from downtown you'll see large signs to the Alta and Snowbird ski resorts. These resorts are at the top of Little Cottonwood Canyon, so if you follow those signs, you'll get to Little Cottonwood Canyon just fine.)  Once you are passing Alta Ski you will go past a small information shack.  Keep driving, you eventually get to a parking lot for the Catherine's Pass trail head.  Keep going a little further to the next parking lot by the campground.  This is where you will want to park.  There are signs from here.