Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Conference Cabin Trip

For conference weekend we went up to our Grandparent's cabin near Monte Cristo.  We drove up Friday night and got there in the dark.  We went inside the cabin and set up our beds and got the boys to sleep.  Then Lesa and I went down stairs and hooked up some lights with a battery and an inverter.  Not much long after we headed off to bed also.

In the morning we started a fire to warm up the cabin and looked out the windows.  The aspen trees were a bright yellow and the air was chilly but the weather was clear.  Soon I went down to the Ant Flat road to pick up my parents.  We drove up and made it back in time to hear the morning conference session on the radio.

In the afternoon we went down and opened the gates for Lisa, Brayden and Jaycee.  Bradley and Daniel were happy to have cousins to play with.

Bradley had fun with a toy camera Lisa brought up.


We stayed the night Saturday night also.  Here is Daniel heading up the stairs with his blanket for bed.

It was a great weekend and we were able to listen to most of conference.  It was nice to get away where you could listen better than sometimes happens when you are at home.