Thursday, January 6, 2011

December Recap

We spent the day at the Discovery Gateway and Bradley tried out his skills at flying.  After a quick flight around the Salt Valley he touched back down like a pro and we continued our explorations.

I had to go up to Alta for work and they have received a ton of snow as you can see from the car in this parking lot!

We went to the Christmas Carol at the Terrace Plaza Playhouse.  Bradley got a chance to meet Santa after and was sure to let him know that he wanted Mater and Mcqueen for Christmas.  He talked with Santa but wouldn't look at him directly.

OK, so this one wasn't taken in December but I think it is too cute to leave out.  Our usual battle with the leaves was interrupted by the two little guys who kept crawling on the pile.

Daniel rocking out in his room.

Another picture from Bradley's birthday party.

For some reason Bradley keeps wanting to fall asleep on the floor instead of his bed.  It took us a while but we figured out that he didn't like the sheets we put on his bed.

Lesa decided to re-paint the kitchen.

Here you can see the old blue colors with the new brown/gray as Lesa did the edges first.

Here is Bradley and Daniel exploring a cave on Christmas Eve.  I used the flash so it looks pretty bright but the only light is Bradley's head lamp.  Don't worry he was hooked into the rope with a carabiner locked onto his belt loop.

Here are the boys checking out what Santa brought them Christmas morning.  Dave, Kim and Kyle came over and it was fun to have them around Christmas morning.

2010 went so fast we can hardly believe it is over.  It is true that time goes faster each and every year.  If we blink to slowly 2011 will be over next!