Saturday, November 19, 2011

March Recap

So March will be pretty easy to recap!  I just went through our pictures and we only took two that month.  But Lesa did write a pretty good entry in the Bradley Family newsletter so I can post some of that here.

 We purchased a second sleeping bag so Danial has one.  Of course Bradley claimed the newest one but Daniel didn't seem to notice.  They are now asking when I will take them camping to try them out.

The snow is melting pretty well.  Here is Bradley and Daniel at a park.  It was one of the warmer days so we felt it was time to give the park a try.

Here are some parts from the family letter about March:

I know we missed contributing to the family letter last month, but sadly there really isn't a lot to say.  We have stayed busy with this and that, but none of it is too interesting.

Brian has been really busy with work lately.  He is working on a bunch of different project, and keeps getting more each day.  At one point he even had a competitor send a customer to him.  Other than work, Brian has stayed busy with scouts and school.  He realized as he was looking to register for his next semester that he could be done in three semesters.  He does need to meet with a counselor to make sure, and figure out what to do about one class, but he is excited to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Lesa has stayed busy with watching kids, Relief Society, and running.  As the second counselor in Relief Society, I am in charge of the other activities.  With March, that meant the R.S. Birthday party.  My faithful committee member was called to Primary about a month before the party, so the bulk of the planning and organizing landed on my committee head and I.  Everything turned out nicely, and we received a lot of nice compliments, but it did make it kind of a stressful thing to pull off.  I was very grateful when it was over.

Bradley keeps us busy answering questions.  He is so curious about everything, and loves to talk.  His latest interest has been the body.  He asks us how his heart, lungs, and stomach work.  He wants to know what his bones and muscles are doing, and he likes to tell anyone who will listen what he has learned.

Daniel is as big and busy as ever.  He thinks he can do anything Bradley can do, and tries most of the time.  He and Bradley play pretty well together, though Daniel is learning to exert a bit more of his independence.  He also likes to talk, and is getting pretty clear.  I can almost always understand him, but whether we understand him or not, he keeps us all pretty well entertained.

I guess that's it from us.  We are anticipating more than one day of spring at a time, and anxious to be able to spend more time outside, but for now we are enjoying the days we do get, and hoping when it does warm up we don't float away.

Brian, Lesa, Bradley, and Daniel