Friday, April 4, 2008

Box Car Bradley

We are working on a DVD of dance routines to sell to College and High School level dance teams. We keep getting bids from people to do the filming and editing and each time we see them we nearly pass out! I finally decided that it might be worth investing some money in a good video editing software program. If we can figure out how to edit ourselves we will save a ton of money!

As a test I took the film we made earlier called "Box Car Bradley" and made it into a complete video. I am still trying to figure out which format is best so this might take a while to download.


Catherine said...

My name is Catherine Knight, formerly known as Catherine Peisher. I just wanted to say 'hey' to Lesa.

Lesa, you have a beautiful son. Hope to hear from you.


Broadway Baby said...

This is adorable! P.S. I was looking at y'all's playlist. And I knew there was a reason why Lesa and I were friends. Excellent taste in music.