Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Gardener? - Maybe Not.

This is silly, but I'm still excited. My first tulip bloomed today. You may wonder why this is the cause of enough excitement to cause me to post it on my blog, so let me explain. I am not a gardener, I do not have a green thumb bone in my body. This is very much evidenced by the inept landscaping around my house. I can bearly keep hearty self-sustaining house plants alive, but I tried my luck with some tulips. I planted a bunch of bulbs last fall hoping to add some life to the front of my house (something besides the dandelions and crazy uncontrollable vines). Only about half of them sprouted because the spot doesn't get as much light as it needs, but I have excitedly watched them break through the soil, grow and spread their leaves, poke out their buds, and now, FINALLY bloom. The first one this morning. I can't wait for the rest. Here you go, in my excitement I took a couple of pictures. Isn't it beautiful!?! Enjoy!


Unknown said...

YAY! It's so exciting to see things grow. I just hope our plants are still alive when we get home...